Losing my bloginity

Hi peeps!
My name is Ilena and welcome to my blog!

So…. This is my very first post here!!! And what better than to lose me blog’s virginity with a post about what you can actually expect from me!

In short I think all women in Denmark need a little bit more of me! By that I mean a bit more honesty, a lot more boldness and a no-bullshit kind of talk. So follow along if you want to hear more about:

I think my view on style is best described as “Nordic style gone a bit bolder and quirkier than what you normally see in Denmark”. I lived in London in a (way to short) period of time. And it changed my life! It inspired me to be bolder, braver and quirkier, than I was.

Window Shopping
I can’t help it and I don’t do it on purpose, I just really like expensive stuff. If you show me ten sweaters and ask me which one I like, I will guarantee you, that I choose the most expensive one! I’m a victim of an evil curse! And it is not only when it comes to fashion. I’m an aesthetic all the way through, and love when design is made to perfection! Details are everything and to me. The colour of a single hem can destroy an entire look to me. I guess, I’m just fucked that way. So if you like pretty stuff, this is a blog for you.

Everyday life
Obviously life isn’t blog’ish pretty all the way! And my life definitely is not. I have 1,5 year old son, I’m trying to start up my own business, I’m struggling getting my marriage back on romantic track after our little destroyer came into our lives… In short my live is just as pretty and just as ugly as everybody else’s. And I’m struggling just as much, if not more than everybody else. E.g. being a mom is amazing, but also fucked up hard word: It pushes your relationship to the extreme, you forget what sleeping means… And I’m gonna share it all – not just the pretty stuff.

My greatest source of inspiration is definitely people in the media. I have some very specific women that I follow and I love seeing their take on fashion and style. E. g. Kendall Jenner. That to me is the ultimate style icon. Obviously she has access to quite another league of clothing – but that doesn’t matter; it’s how she puts things together. That being said Im definitely not gonna name drop celebrities in every story. On the contrary I’m extremely bad at remembering names. I suppose I’m a quality before quantity kind of gal – in every single way.

Finally I’m a vacation sucker! I love to travel. I’ve been around the world, but I still have so many to dos on my Bucket List. And I will definitely keep you posted! And speaking of traveling, this brings back to London. I love to go to London! Preferably minimum twice a year. So if you don’t want to hear anything about the English capital, this blog is most likely not for you.