Perfect personal presents


Being a graphic designer I’m all about the details. I love pretty stuff, things that a different and that are one of a kind. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I love making presents myself or just adding a personal touch to whatever the present might be.

If it’s a person that I really care about and know very well, I always want give that something extra. Buying something really nice is of course a great idea, but also demands a budget that I rarely have.

So being creative is great and can make a present valuable without it ruining you.

These are some of the examples of presents that I’ve given in the past – and that I know have been a hit!



If you like to draw just a bit, this can become a really funny gift. I love to draw and has loved it my entire live. This drawing of our wedding day was not a gift, but it could just as easily have been. And whenever I look at it, I get so happy. So many things are incorporated in the drawing, and all together it both sums up our day, but it also looks awesome (in my opinion of course). Afterwards a lot of people has actually added a drawing like that from me. I’ve given a couple of drawings and they are always really appreciated!

So if you love to draw, why not make a drawing about the receiver, your relationship or something the receiver really loves and frame the drawing.



This has become a tradition with my husband – he loves it and I love it. Buy a book (either fictional or biographical) that is on the receiver’s wishlist or that you know he/she will appreciate.

Grap a pen and feel start to comment or draw something on the pages. Find words in the book, that are relevant to your relationship. E.g. when I was pregnant I found the word dad and drew a heart around it. Or made a comment about him becoming a dad. Our wedding date the 23.5, which is page 235, gets a flower or something. Pages with space can get a little drawing and so on.

As you can tell from the images, it doesn’t have to be beautiful – it just has to be personal.



This is the present that I gave my mom for Mom’s Day! A letter board with a quote, that I find beautiful, simple and crucially true. The board was only 70 DKK in the supermarket, but the message on the board meant the world to my mom. Perfect example that a brilliant gift has nothing to do with money. If you want the present to be a bit more expensive there are a lot of really nice letter boards out there on the big brilliant web.



This can be a as expensive as you want it to, but quite inexpensive. it’s also something to give to your boyfriend, IF he wears cufflinks that is. Buy some cufflinks and have them engraved with something more personal than just initials.

I studied German when my husband had his birthday, and on one of the cufflinks I had “IN” engraved, the other one was engraved with LIEBE”. In English that means “With love”. My husband was so excited and it’s still one of the favourite presents, that I’ve given him.

Obviously you can do the same with a ring, necklace or earrings. It doesn’t have to all that expensive.

If you have around 1,000 DKK and want to give a friend/girlfriend something really personal, go check out the company Handcrafted Cph. In my opinion, it’s without a doubt the company that makes the most personal jewelery. They can make any kind of pendant, and they are so beautiful and extremely personal.

I have not given one of their necklaces myself yet, but one of my friends got a leopard! And if you check out their Instagram account you’ll see that the only limitation is your own imagination. Just look at this beautiful Eiffel Tower! I love it – even though I’m an Anglophile; not a Francophile.
(You might think this is an ad, but it isn’t. I just genuinely think it’s freaking awesome; I love the thoughts behind the necklaces and the execution is flawless!)
But no matter what you do, try not to go with the clichees. Make it as personal as possible.


Image credits: Handcrafted Cph