Style of Sweden

You surely know the brand Tiger of Sweden… To me it’s also old news. But none the less still chic and there are many items from this collection I would love to have in my closet. Normally I never enter their stores. Simply because it’s pretty much always out of my price range, so I might as well spare some tears. But yesterday I saw the trenchcoat in one of their windows.

For 7 years now I’ve been soaking over the classic Burberry trencoat. I love the classic look that it represents. To me it’s without a doubt an icon. Normally I would never buy something similar to the thing I really want. But this time I actually found the Tiger of Sweden trenchcoat just as amazing as my original love. I had to try it on and it fitted like a glove. So for the first time in many years I ended up buying myself a tread from tiger of Sweden.

Being in the store I really remembered my original fascination with brand. It’s not core shaking or boundary moving.
But they make really nice and good quality basic items.


If I had had a gift card with 10,000 DKK these items would without
a doubt have found their way into my closet as well:



If that isn’t a sexy dress/blazer/whatever, I don’t know what is! I wouldn’t wear it with black heels though – that becomes too classic (read boring). I would go with a spunky, colorful and edgy heal – just as I would go all in when it comes to accessorizing.



This blazer pretty much speaks for itself! Embroidery down the sleeves saying celebration combined with a different cut…
I love it!



This blazer is without a doubt a statement piece that will make heads turn. I think I’m more daring than most Danes and I would definitely love to mix this jacket with pretty much everything I own; jeans, shorts, heels, sandals – it would really add that extra something to any kind of outfit.

And just like that I could have spent 9,480 DKK with the blink of an eye!


Images from Tiger of Sweden.