My top 5 outerwear pieces

I definitely have this thing for outerwear; jackets, coats, blazers, etc! Maybe it’s because there’s so much fabric that it can really be a statement piece… I don’t know. None the less I love outerwear and often the pieces, I buy, are quite bold. I managed to be in London for 4 months looking for a winter coat but came home with 5 jackets – none of them warm enough to even consider them a winter coat.

I think these are my favourite pieces of outerwear:

My golden piece
Cheap and chic – Moschino

This jacket used to be my mom’s until she so gave it to me. Ever since it has been my favourite piece of clothing in my entire wardrobe! Somehow the jacket guarantees that whenever I’m wearing it, I will have an awesome time! I always wear it with jeans and quite often high heals!

What I’ve been called wearing this jacket: An alien… (I don’t think it’s alien-like at all?!).

Very yellow fake fur

I bought this coat with my husband and I vividly remembers his reaction when I pulled it down the rag. He said: “Hell no! You have got to be kidding… That looks like something Elton John would wear… (Pause) Hmmm…. Well I suppose if anybody can pull that of it would be you!” What he still doesn’t know is that if a piece of clothes is Elton John-ish, I’m more likely to buy it than not.

This fake fur is from Topshop and I accidentally found it on sale. Which means it was pretty damn cheap! But I feel like I look like a million bucks when I wear it! I almost always wear a hat or cap with it, and I find that the coat goes very well with an all black look.

What I’ve been called wearing this jacket: Easter chicken.

My not-black coat

This coat I found in a vintage shop in Camden. I was shopping with a strict regulation in my mind: I cannot buy something black! So when I found this, my best friend’s respond to it was: “It’s definitely not black”! And it was even half price off, which means it only cost me 30£. People love to call me Grandma when I wear it, but I really don’t care. I think it’s so beautiful, one of a kind and it just makes a simple/minimalistic outfit look ass kicking awesome!

What I’ve been called wearing this jacket: Grandma!

My punker jacket
The Ragged Priest

This is also a London buy – this time found in Shoreditch. It is not real leather, but I love it: the details and all the rivets. To most people this is too much, but sometimes I just don’t want to be to polished pretty… And this jacket definitely does the trick!

What I’ve been called wearing this jacket: The Punk… (Very creative, right?).

My foxy fur

This coat I found in a vintage shop in Copenhagen. I had just received a grant on quite a lot of money because of the effort I had put into my Graphic Design studies. That really ment a lot to me so I wanted to buy something for my self: something extraordinary I would normally never buy and that lasts. Incidentally, I walked by a vintage store called Time’s Up Vintage and this beauty was hanging in the window. It’s a really expensive vintage store, but because of the grant it was affordable to me.

I put it aside for the next day where I came back with my mom. She has previously worked with fur and therefore she could vouch for the quality. I bought it and is still in love with it!

What I’ve been called wearing this jacket: Hellerup Frue… (I did not see that as a compliment!).