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  • The Chic Silver

    The Chic Silver

    If you are still under the misconception, that silver is a color for the second best, you are absolutely wrong. If not better, Silver is at least just as good as gold. By adding silver shoes to your outfit, you bring a certain sophistication and boldness to your look. Silver is definitely a more understated…

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  • The Frankie Shop must‑haves this season

    The Frankie Shop must‑haves this season

    It’s no secret, that I’m a huge The Frankie Shop fan and I’m constantly drooling over their monochromatic looks with bold edges and silhouettes.If you need an intro to the brand, or just are a fan like me, you can check out this top 9 of favourites, that I would love to get my hands…

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  • Dubai – to go or not to go…

    Dubai – to go or not to go…

    … That is the question and it’s not an easy question to answer. To me Dubai is a very complex destination. Some parts I love, some parts I hate. Below I’ll go through my pros and cons, which might be useful for you if you consider going to Dubai. Why you should GO! A baby…

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  • Baby thruths

    Baby thruths

    Before reading Be aware that I love my son as every other mother loves her child. I could never live without him! Just as I love my husband, who is a great father. But through out the past 1.5 years, I’ve been challenged in a way I never thought possible. I didn’t know much about…

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  • My top 5 outerwear pieces

    My top 5 outerwear pieces

    I definitely have this thing for outerwear; jackets, coats, blazers, etc! Maybe it’s because there’s so much fabric that it can really be a statement piece… I don’t know. None the less I love outerwear and often the pieces, I buy, are quite bold. I managed to be in London for 4 months looking for…

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  • Traveling with a baby

    Traveling with a baby

    Traveling with a baby can be hard work, so you might as well do whatever you can to make it as easy for yourself as possible. 1. Time difference When it comes to babies it’s pretty much all about the sleep. And depending on how far you want to travel, you might want to take…

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  • Perfect personal presents

    Perfect personal presents

      Being a graphic designer I’m all about the details. I love pretty stuff, things that a different and that are one of a kind. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I love making presents myself or just adding a personal touch to whatever the present might be. If it’s a person that I…

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  • (First) wedding of the year!

    (First) wedding of the year!

    This is truly the year of weddings! So many of my friends are getting married and tomorrow these two love birds are the lucky ones. I’m literally bursting with excitement, and I’m afraid to admit it, envy! Getting married was the best thing ever! That tense feeling just before the doors open CANNOT be described!…

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  • Style of Sweden

    Style of Sweden

    You surely know the brand Tiger of Sweden… To me it’s also old news. But none the less still chic and there are many items from this collection I would love to have in my closet. Normally I never enter their stores. Simply because it’s pretty much always out of my price range, so I might…

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